Sunday Lately WK 54 Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being.

I have joined the awesome group of bloggers in the Blogger Tribe and plan to start doing these Sunday Lately posts regularly. This is good for me as my posts have been a little more sparse lately and limited to completed work. I’d like to get better about sharing other stuff going on.We’d love it if you’d link up with us! You can find the link up for this week here!

This week’s themes are Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, and Being.


For the past few years I have been storing fabric on a big Ikea Expedit/Kallax (Expedit was recently replaced by Kallax but they are pretty much the same.) I thought it was going to be the perfect solution when I got it but I really hate it’s guts for fabric storage. The biggest problem I have is that it easily gets untidy and then its large and overwhelming. The other problem is the back is open so fabric falls behind it.

rubbermaidI am moving my Stenzo collection and things I have bought to mix with Stenzo to one bookshelf. Everything else I am moving to these cool rubbermaid bins that have windows/doors on the side so you can see and get things out of it! It will be slightly more difficult to pull things out but I think its worth it to keep things from getting out of control. I do not fault Ikea for all of this. The Expedit will get moved to another part of the house where it will be more appreciated.


I grew up In Little Rock AR on Cantrell Rd which was close to the Jennings Osborne house with all the Christmas lights. I loved seeing these lights every year during the Holidays. 

The Osborne lights were moved to Disney World Hollywood Studios the same year I moved to Texas. Great Article with photos of the move. I have so badly over the years wanted to see them at Disney though I’ve checked them out via video several times. We have vacationed there  but the timing never lined up when the lights were there. I was finally able to see them in my 2014 trip then this year, they announced it would be the last year!! They are getting rid of them to make way for the new Star Wars and Toy Story Lands.

So Wed night of this week they turned them off for the last time. If you have ever seen the Osborne Festival of Lights at Disney World I am warning you this video is a tear jerker! I cried ugly cries watching it 😛

Thanks to Jennings Osborne and Family for offering me this piece of joy for the entire 40 years of my life. I will never forget.


I need to go to the eye doctor. I started having to use the crazy automatic needle threader on my machine because it’s been taking me too many times to get the thread in the hole. I have also started having problems reading the totals on receipts. I’ve always had great vision but literally 2 weeks before my 40th birthday they decided to crap out on me. Soo…. glasses in my near future. At least it will be fun picking out a cool pair 😛


It’s finally cold here. I’ve decided these Ikea Duvet Slippers are the best thing ever. They are like having a nice cozy comforter for each foot. They aren’t super supportive so not great for doing a lot of walking around, but soooo awesome for lounging and also sleeping in. Socks sometimes feel too restrictive to me at night. I can start off with them but end up taking them off through the night. These slippers are cozy and not too hot all night long.



I have started to love the beginning of the year. For us it is a time for planning, upgrading, fixing… Over the past couple of weeks we have donated tons of things we no longer need. My daughter has a new workspace. Desk, Lamp, Storage for Art, homework etc… I am in process of upgrading my craft space. We upgraded our diet.We have a new bedtime routine for our daughter.  I was starting to feel a bit melancholy toward the end of 2015 but with the work we’ve done and are in process of doing and the plans we have I am looking forward to being us in 2016.

I’ve very much enjoyed this brain dump. Thank you for coming along with me. I will try to be a little more brief in the future.

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  1. The Osborne lights are amazing. We spent our evenings there in November on our last trip. Since it’s the 45th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom, rumor is something special might happen with the lights next year in a new location. Nobody is quite sure which rumor is true yet and we probably won’t know until September/October-ish. My expedit isn’t great for storage either. It looks fancy in my office, but when my office moves downstairs, it’s staying upstairs.

  2. I can’t wait to go to Disney next month! I’ve never seen the Osborne lights but they look amazing! I have a little far sightedness and keep thinking as I get older maybe my sight will correct itself?! LOL! Reality is that I’ll probably need bifocals in my future! Ack!

    1. Mine literally started going bad the month I turned 40.. All the sudden it was taking me extra tries to get the thread in the needle and I had to resort to auto-threading 😛

  3. Those tubs are AMAZING! I’ve tried a more open storage system (ala. expedit) for fabric but I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of what happens when Pen gets into my stash. I need to upgrade.

  4. Is fabric storage ever an easy task? I do so well for about a week keeping it neat…and then all hell breaks loose.

    Also. I neeeeeed those slippers. Like yesterday. They look amazingly comfy!

  5. That is soooo me with my storage. I am such a toddler when I’m crafting. Hopefully with the tubs it can at least stay contained. I don’t expect I will make it too far with everything neatly folded 😛

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