Sunday Lately Week # 61 – Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing and Feeling

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This weeks themes are Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing and Feeling.


Vacation! Two weeks and I go home to Arkansas to visit family. I am super excited about the trip. Hotels booked, Pet Care booked. I have one more sewing project to do for the blog and then a few outfits to make for my niece, shopping for supplies to take with us ,and then packing. I have things to do at work to prep for being gone too.Its so much work to go on vacation but they are sooo needed.

Loving IMG_6749

My new glasses. I went to the eye doctor a week ago and needed glasses. I knew this already because my close up vision was getting really blurry and I was getting headaches. Since my glasses were going to take a week to come in I got some inexpensive readers temporarily. The experience of wearing the readers really had me worried. They would slip all the time. I could see better but around the edges things would distort. Between that and taking them off and on all the time I spent much of my days kind of dizzy.

My real glasses shown above arrived last night and the experience is soooo much better. They stay on my face. The lenses are big enough that I can see everywhere without distortion. I haven’t been dizzy with them. This is finally better than not having them at all.


Catching up on blogs today. I was so busy over the past week I have not been able to follow hardly anything. I feel so out of the loop on everything. Hope to do some catch up today in between my weekly prep.


Wishing for continued success on my Paleo plan. This week was crazy for me and I barely thought about eating, I just did. I ate on plan but there was way more snacking than usual. I ate more things that are technically on plan but more carby than I usually eat, like potatoes 3x this week when i usually just have them once. I thought for sure it was going to be a wash this week but I’m down another 3 lbs. I guess this is to say that I am having an easy time doing this and i feel somewhat guilty and somewhat suspicious. It can’t really be this easy right? I guess I will keep on keeping on at this point and then look to change something if I stop getting results and don’t feel I’m finished.


Accomplished! I ended up participating in all 4 sewalong weeks for Project Run and Play. Not that its a huge accomplishment but I had worked out with the other stuff going on that I’d be able to do 2 of them. My original plans I executed were:


Nothing but Knits week.


Cosplay Week

Then I had a random great idea and ended up making kiddo a soccer outfit.


All that Glitters Week

Once I did 3 it felt wrong to not do the last one so


Signature Style Week

I had other projects in between too and a lot going on at work and home. I barely made it on this last one. I had the pants done on Tuesday and the tunic cut out. I only had time in my schedule to sew on Friday night and had to get it submitted on Saturday. I made it though!

For real I love every single piece I made for this. They are all good for spring and they all have piece that mix and match well so I am very happy to have pushed through and sewed them all. As I mentioned I have more sewing to do in the next two weeks. I am usually sad I can’t sew on vacation but this time I think the break will be appreciated =)

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