Sunday Lately Week #60 Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing and Scheduling.

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This weeks themes are Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling.


I just barely completed my Project Run and Play Sewalong entry this week and that was soooo frustrating. I was able to get it in a few hours before the deadline. I had come up with the idea a couple of weeks ago. I ordered some glitter vinyl. It was shipped promptly from the supplier but somehow USPS had it on the super slow track. I had the whole outfit ready just waiting on the glitter, Tracking said it was getting delivered Friday. It showed up at 3:30 yesterday. I have only used my silhouette once before so I was super stressed out trying to get the letters cut and on the shirt before it got dark. Everything turned out fine but ahh traumatized 😛


Visiting the eye doctor tomorrow! At this point I am super excited to get glasses. I had to wait a while for the appointment and Ive been getting headaches not to mention the stuff I screw up or take longer to do because I can’t flipping see. I am anxious about finding a pair of frames I like though. I really wanted some Kate Spade frames. Only because my friend had a pair in a certain shape that she carries that I tried on and looked fantastic on me. The place I am going doesn’t carry Kate Spade but I am hoping I can find a similar shape.


Tie Dye.. I loved the dyed piece I did for the Disney Descendants look. I have been buying fabric for spring/summer for clothes for myself. I realized I had been gravitating to tie dye prints and was worrying that a bunch of tie dye might be too hippie. I was relieved to see Tie Dye all over spring clothes in Target yesterday.

IMG_6643 IMG_6644


So, I guess I will be on trend 😛 Here are a couple pieces I bought.


They are darker but will go with the light pink and light blue accessories I plan to sport.  This Rebecca Minkoff Envelope clutch in Graffiti Print which is a blue/pink tie dye kind of look and a new pair of pink and black fluevogs.


Happy to be writing Sunday Lately again. I missed last week and really missed it. I have been covered up in sewing projects. Last weekend I took my daughter to a birthday party at one of those jumping places. She woke up at 3am puking so my Sunday was off. Happy to be back to normal-ish this week. I don’t schedule these ahead of time because they fit in so nicely with my normal Sunday routine.

I liked to look at Sundays like a palate cleanser. Its a special day for me. I like to start with reflecting on the past week. What worked, what didn’t as far as work, schedule, sewing/blogging, meals, parenting, friends and family, personal goals. Then I take some time to plan the up coming week. The rest of the day is spent prepping for next week. Grocery shopping, meal prep, some cleaning and organizing.. Sunday evenings I like to have a good meal and then wine and relaxation. I’ve been using this approach for about 3 years and it has made a huge positive difference in how my life works.


March Already! This month has flown by. Feb is only a couple of days shorter than the other months but it always seems very short. I will be very busy sewing/blogging for the next 3 weeks and then I will need to slow down a bit. If someone could loan me about 8 hours a day, that would be great!

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  1. Welcome back to Sunday Lately! I love the tie-dye trend right now. I have always been turned off to it when it is a rainbow of every color under the sun, but I really like the current trend. Only using a couple of colors is so much more appealing to me.

    1. I agree, the multi color is too much, though I did get a “watercolor” looking pastel sweater at Nordstrom Rack. Not as stark though. I have been in a sewing bubble lately so it was nice to see that my choices were on trend =)

  2. I love the tie-dye fabric you picked up. I’m sure you’ll end up inspiring me to grab some myself… or make some… I’m sure the kids would love it. 😉

  3. I think the tiedye is less hippie this season because they’re sticking to monotones and not going full blown rainbow. Although, I love a good bright rainbow tiedye.

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