Sunday Lately Week #58 – Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, and Being

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This weeks themes are Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being.



Updating my wardrobe! I have been sewing for kiddo a lot in the past few months. Since the last time I’ve sewn for myself I have gone down a size or more. Thankfully I had some snug things that I really liked that are making their way into rotation now so there is no clothing emergency yet, but its coming up. Over the past week or two I have made 2 Love Notions Tunics and a Patterns for Pirates Slim fit raglan that will be on the blog soon.


Remembering it’s super bowl Sunday. Yesterday we made the long voyage to Ikea. There is a Joanns in the parking lot so I went in there for an idea I had for All that Glitters Project Run and Play Theme. I really hate that store. I go in maybe 3-4 times a year thinking it will be better but it never is. It just sucks the life out of me. We also went to the Outlet Mall because my husband wanted new sneakers. Reebok, Puma, Adidas… We came out with a pair of sneakers for the 5 year old, nothing for him.. So all that took the entire afternoon yesterday.

My daughter saw a women with a “Baby All Gone” in a stroller at the Outlet Mall. She really wants this doll (has for months) but it is no longer available retail. Her 5 year old brain decided the woman must have got it at the outlet mall and if we would just look in every store we might find it. That did not happen so we had whine and pout for the entire 45 minute drive home.

So, after all of that I remembered it was Super Bowl Sunday. We need groceries today. I just can’t.  I decided it was a good day to try out that free first Instacart Delivery.


Needing my creative brain to take a nap. I have some things I really should do but I keep coming up with sewing project ideas and getting obsessed with them. I was not planning to sewalong with All that Glitters week. I was thinking I’d take a break. I did not have a great idea and no need for anything fancy. Then I remembered that my daughter just started soccer and needs some “soccer clothes” she had asked before and I added it to the list. I thought I might do some kids clothes week, but I realized that some sparkly activewear fabric would be perfect. I went into Joanns looking for something suitable and found these.


I got some of the pink and blue both on sale. Now I am super excited about this project. I will mix with some knits I have.


Pajamas still. I might not get dressed today.


Being a busy bee. I have my Cosplay look almost done. I’m doing Evie from Disney Descendants. I made up the top Friday night and then dyed it.


I just need to finish up the skirt this morning and hopefully can do a photoshoot this afternoon. I am so excited about this one I can barely wait on it myself. Hurry up and finish Starly!


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  1. The crafty brain never shuts off! I love IKEA! Joann’s not so much, but it’s a necessary “evil.” What event are you going to use your Cosplay outfit?

    1. We aren’t actually going anywhere. It is one of the themes for Project Run and Play Sewalong. They are supposed to be wearable pieces/not costume so everything will just mix into her wardrobe.

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