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This is the last week of Project Run and Play Sewalong themes for this season and I am so happy I was able to participate in all of them! This one just barely as I have about an hour left to get it in, but done!


The final theme was Signature Style. I had two fabrics that the little wanted me to sew up asap. The other yard/color of sparkle fabric that I purchased at Joanns for the All that Glitters week project, and a Euro print from Loiseau that has fairies and unicorns and all kinds of girly. My challenge was to make kiddo happy and turn these into something that represented my Signature Style.


Playing with print and color are probably my favorite things about sewing. I love designing outfits. I love mixing prints and aligning the overall color balance of an outfit. I rarely use neutrals, I rarely use solids unless they are textured.


I love patterns that are easy to wear and play in but have interesting design elements. For this look I chose the Sofilantjes Nivalis Tunic. This tunic/dress set is super cute and has tons of design pizazz. I especially loved that there was a collar detail that would work well in my warm climate. I knew I wanted to make the short sleeve collared version. I think I will make a short sleeve hoodie dress next. The outfit is predominantly knit but I used Stenzo poplin from Mabel Madison on the collar placket and side tabs.


For the sparkle pants I used the Momma Quail Just Chillin Sweats again. They have been my go-to pant as of late because my daughter loves wearing them and they sew up equally fabulous in both wovens and knits. For this pair I did a slight modification by adding side tabs to hike up the outside seams and somewhat mirror the tabs on the tunic.

IMG_6705The sweats have a cute pocket detail that allows mixing in some additional fabrics. 3

I used the Delia Creates Free Ribbed Beanie Pattern to make a hat out of the sparkle fabric. We love hats over here. Beanies, bucket hats, my daughter wears hats all year and I love to make them.

I added a felt flower to the snap on the collar placket. Felt is such a great way to add a little detail and it especially works well to reinforce snaps =)



I think I succeeded in putting together a look that met my daughters requests but kept to my aesthetic. These pieces are great together but as is always important to me they will mix with all kinds of pieces in her closet.


Patterns Used

  Fabrics Used



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    1. The sparkle fabric turned out pretty cool. Its a nylon spandex like swim fabric. I got it at Joann but I suspect there are better sources =)

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