Scooby. We’re here to solve a mystery!


It’s 80s cartoon week over at Project Run and Play and I’m sewing along =)  I was a kid of 80s cartoons myself and one of my favorites was always Scooby Doo! When my 20 year old son was little he was also a huge Scooby do fan, it was all he wanted to watch for a few years, and now my daughter is starting to watch it.


I asked for her input on on a Scooby Doo inspired outfit and she went straight for Daphne. Daphne loves fashion, mysteries, danger, and purple.  We went out to take these photos and my daughter insisted she needed some mystery solving supplies. We settled on a ghost catcher (butterfly net) and a magnifying glass.



For the pattern I used the Laurette, coming soon from Greenstyle Creations. I tested this and you will hear a lot more about it very soon. I thought it would make a perfect modern day Daphne dress, suitable for a three year old.


We added some stylish purple hi-tops and a sparkly headband.


I used the Hi-Lo option for the Laurelette. I just love the Hi-lo with the cowl neck, so chic and cool.


We had a blast with out Daphne inspired look =) I have loved sewing along with Project Run and Play for the first time and hope to complete all of the weeks. Keep your eye out for the Laurelette from Greenstyle! More details and photos to come!



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  1. oh my so cute!! I love how playful this dress is… and perfect for fall! I’m currently hosting a sewing series called Sew Many Books. there is a sew a long {with prizes!} If you have sewed anything inspired by a book in 2014 I’d love to have you join! Hop over to Nap-Time Creations and check out the series! Emily

  2. Love it!! My girl is totally scooby obsessed and I seriously considered a drop waisted schoolgirl look a la velma, but this is the perfect daphne inspired dress! Your girl looks so happy in it too 🙂

    1. Thank you! I actually started out thinking Velma and had an idea in my head but She was pretty amendment about Daphne so I acquiesced. I was really happy how it turned out though. Sometimes you just have to let them lead =)

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