Pirate’s Treasure Wallet


I have a confession, other than a simple fabric tote, I’ve never sewn a bag. I am kind of scared of them. The layers, the hardware, different types of interfacing. It just seems like a whole new thing to get my head around and it never seems the right time to figure it all out. I use a lot of bags though, and I hate to buy them, so it’s really time to get over myself and dive in.

When the opportunity came up to test the Pirate’s Treasure Wallet from Fabulous Home Sewn I thought it would be a good way for me to tiptoe into bag making. While it’s not actually a bag, it’s got a lot of the components, just in miniature.


I don’t have a boy but I knew it is something my daughter would love so I made a girly version. I filled it with some fun looking business cards, one of each coin, some play money printables, and flash cards. She has been taking it with her when we go places and playing with it in the car. She loves opening and closing the velcro. She spends a few minutes in each car ride looking at her cards and rearranging things. She’s added a couple of her own treasures too.

The pattern came together quick and easy. I had all supplies on hand except for vinyl. I didn’t want to go off to a fabric store looking for some so I looked around my stuff. I discovered that most 3 ring binders have a vinyl pocket on the front which I never use, so I just ran a rotary cutter over it and came out with a whole sheet of vinyl =)

The wallet is sized nice for both adults and kids. I think it’s a great gift option to have on hand as it works for all ages. I’m especially excited about having it as a gift option for older boys that seem so hard to pick things for.

The Pirate’s Treasure wallet can be purchased here!

Now I think I’m ready to tackle a full bag. What’s your favorite?



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  1. Okay now that really makes me want to make one for my little one. It’s so freaking cute. And I know that Ly would love all the compartments.

    I feel the same way about bags. It all seems overwhelming to me right now. But I gotta do it at some point. ;p You’ll have to let me know which one you pick!

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