Katy Perry NYE Blog Party!

3Happy New Year!!!!!! Welcome to our stop on the Katy Perry New Years Eve Blog Party!!!

12471562_10102745563595419_4933343744173050938_oHead over to Sewing Stadium to check out the details and enter the awesome giveaway!11-2I have to admit that I signed up for this tour without really knowing much about Katy Perry. The tour was the brainchild of Melissa from  Rebel and Malice. What I did know is that she is that Katy Perry has worn some of the most amazing outfits. There is so much inspiration to  choose from, and I wanted to play!6One reoccurring theme in her looks is food. Food on clothes, food as accessories. Since I was sewing for a 5 year old I thought that was the best jumping off point.I had this yummy Donut Digital Print from Loiseau Fabrics that would make the perfect party dress!!14Since the print is large i needed a fairly simple silhouette so I would not have to chop up the donuts. I went with a dress that has become a new favorite of mine, The Heidi and Finn Cocoon Dress. I love the shape of this dress, so cute. Its quick to make up as well. I have done them in both knit and woven.11I paired the dress with the Made for Mermaids Bonny Leggings in Stenzo Royal Mini Dots from Mabel Madison. 13This project has been a blast to put together and the combing through Katy Perry outfits on Pinterest has given me tons of inspiration for future projects. Thanks to Melissa for coming up with this idea and to Becca Duval for generously hosting the tour on Sewing Stadium. Make sure to hop over to Beccas post on Sewing Stadium and enter the giveaway, there are some super cool prized up for grabs.

The party doesn’t end here! Check out this amazing lineup of bloggers that are celebrating the New Year in full Katy Perry style:

New Year’s Eve

Blog Host: Becca at Sewing Stadium

Cassie at Lily Shine Boutique

Miranda at Inspinration

Starly at Sew Starly

New Year’s Day

Ajaire at Call Ajaire

Candice at Candice Ayala

Shelly at Sew Shelly Sew

Jeanine at The Crafting Fiend

Audrey at Skirt Fixation


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Holiday Debut Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Blog Tour HeaderNew900

Welcome to our stop on the Holiday Debut Blog tour! We are celebrating the end to the debut year for three exciting new designers Saskia Smith of The Wolf and the Tree, Gabriela Longfish of Chalk and Notch, and Holli Coats of Hello Holli.

There are three featured patterns for this tour. The Blue Ridge Dress from Hello Holli, Abby Footed Tights from The Wolf and the Tree and The Fishtail Kimono from Chalk and Notch. All three patterns are on sale during the tour for 20% off when you use the coupon code HOLIDAY. Make sure to read to the end to enter the huge giveaway with a prize package value over $300!

14The patterns in this post were provided to me for the tour. Opinions expressed are my own. 

I decided to sew up all three patterns for the tour. I wanted to do a casual holiday look made up of pieces I could easily mix into other outfits.


First up, the Fishtail Kimono from Chalk and Notch. I sewed this in a super soft double sided print I found at Joann’s last year. It’s a two way knit with pin dots on one side and stripes on the other. I modified the pattern slightly by adding cuffs to show off the stripes. I did not measure my addition properly so it made the sleeves a little long but the cuffs are really easy to flip up. 13 12

The Kimono inspired some spontaneous dancing around the backyard. It’s still pretty warm here in Texas but this is the perfect light layer to add over any outfit during the holiday season.


Next up was Abby’s Footed Tights from The Wolf and the Tree in stars from BWD Fabrics. I am sooooo tickled over this pattern. I have been waiting on a good tights pattern for YEARS! I can make these up in about 15 minutes. They are even easier than leggings because there are no hems involved. She can now wear comfy tights all winter and I don’t have to worry about matching socks, or finding socks that the puppy stole.


I also made up the Blue Ridge Dress from Hello Holli. I just love the curved bodice on this dress. The flat piping under the bodice highlights that curve beautifully. I pulled out one of my favorite Poplin prints for this dress. Stenzo Netherlands Roses in Grey. It’s a past season print I got from Loiseau fabrics.  

I made the bias tape using a Stenzo star print from Mabel Madison. If you follow me you know that I have quite the Stenzo obsession. One of my favorite things about Stenzo is how their prints and colors all work so well together, even between different years and seasons.


The back is finished with a button loop. I added a pretty purple button.


I made a size 5 dress but used 6 for length. This was very easy to do by printing the size 5 and 6 using the layers option. In the end I decided to shorten the dress back up because I wanted to make sure the cute tights would show between the dress and boots.


We had such a blast with this tour and my daughter is in love with her new clothes. I loved learning about these awesome new designers. 3 great patterns and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Use the use the coupon code HOLIDAY for 20% off The Blue Ridge Dress from Hello Holli, Abby Footed Tights from The Wolf and the Tree and The Fishtail Kimono from Chalk and Notch.

Sponsor Logo-NEW900x900

Let’s get on with this amazing giveaway from our lovely sponsors!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Holiday Debut Tour-Blogger LogoNEW900

Make sure to check out the other stops on the tour!

Monday, Dec 7th: Willow & Stitch | East & Eden | In a manner of sewing | Climbing the Willow
Tuesday, Dec 8th: Kaleidothought | Feathers Flights | Connected by a Thread | Call Ajaire
Wednesday, Dec 9th: Rebel & Malice | Free Notion | The Whole Sh-Bang | House of Estrela
Thursday, Dec 10th: Candice Ayala | Cindy Parrett | Hi and Hello | Made by Toya
Friday, Dec 11th: Just Add Fabric | Conversas de Hermanas | Glitter+Wit | Sew Starly
Saturday, Dec 12th: Paisley Roots | Petit a Petit + family | Life With Zeke | Made by Sara

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A New Look with Gracious Threads

2015.11.16 - New Look

Welcome to my stop on the Gracious Threads A New Look Blog Tour! Gracious Threads has changed the look of her website, including a new storefront. You can now buy patterns right from her shop! To celebrate she has asked a few of us bloggers to sew a “New Look” using Gracious Threads patterns. She is also having a huge sale! 40% off all patterns using coupon code “ANEWLOOK” at www.graciousthreads.ca. Make sure to check out the other stops on the tour at the bottom of this post!

I was provided the Eclair Blouse Pattern for the tour. Opinions expressed are my own. 

2015.11.16 - New Look

I started to do a Christmas look, but that wouldn’t be very new for me haha. It was also feeling just a bit early for Christmas, especially considering we still have green grass and leaves on trees around these parts.

Instead I decided to try a post apocalyptic inspired look. I took inspiration from some of the modern fashion interpretations of post apocalyptic. The hard angles of the over-vest, the drapey knits, Color ( I didn’t do completely monochrome because I was sewing for a 5 year old, but let’s be real, this is low color for Starly) . Everything except the dots and the pant cuffs are up-cycled.

2015.11.16 - New Look

For the shirt I cut up an old ill fitting shirt of mine and made a Raindrop Tee. The knit here is super stretchy. I love how it hangs and drapes. The fabric is “Oil washed’ I am not sure what that means but it has darkness running throughout. I used both sides for different pieces of the shirt and intentionally left the old pocket on the inside. I had to add a center front seam to the tee to fit my fabric. I also used the side seams from my shirt for outside seams of the sleeves for hers.

2015.11.16 - New Look

The pants are Lazy Days Lounge Pants. These were made from the same ill fitting tee in a different color. I wasn’t sure how these would turn out in a drapey knit but I really like them! I reverse cover-stitched around the pocket in some rainbow thread.

Both the Raindrop Tee and Lazy Days Lounge pants have been recently revised. The patterns didn’t changed but she updated them to use layers and no-trim pages. I am so happy that she did this as these are two of my favorite patterns and now I can print them out in the size I need and tape them up all in just a few minutes. I’m so appreciative when designers take into account print/tape time.

2015.11.16 - New Look

I wanted to do something fun with the Eclair Blouse. She had mentioned this made a great layering piece. It would look awesome under a hoodie or cardigan, but I had the idea that it would make a super cool over-vest in a heavy fabric. This was made from an old pair of jeans I had that were too worn to wear. I cut the pieces using the inside seam of the jeans as the fold. This left me a nice seam that I could split for the zipper insertion.

2015.11.16 - New Look

I did all of the seams as flat felled seams. I just love how they look on denim plus they add opportunity for more stitching. They are very easy to do and do not take much more time than a regular seam.

2015.11.16 - New Look

The dots are eco felt and I used random stitches on them. I loved the colors on these.I intend that this vest will go over a lot of outfits we already have. I also added a rhinestone zipper. In my post apocalyptic world there is bling!

This project was so much fun! I went out of my comfort zone a bit, tried some new fabrics and techniques, and ended up with a “New Look”

I am a long time fan of Gracious Threads. I have sewn most of her patterns and I keep re-printing in every size, such a joy to sew!

2015.11.16 - New Look
Photo Bomber needs a haircut!

Make sure to check out the new Gracious Threads site and pick up a few patterns at 40% off.


a new look sale-01

Nov 16 – Handmade Boy * From A Box * Inspinration * Blessed X 5

Nov 17 – Sew Starly * Sewing by Ti * Climbing the Willow * Kopy Kat Kidz

Nov 18 – Rebel and Malice * Willow and Stitch * Tales of a Tester

Nov 19 – Sew Happily Ever After* Lulu and Celeste * Sew Sophie Lynn

Nov 20 – Handcrafted by Red * Just Add Fabric * Made by Sara

Nov 21 – Create Three Point Five * Lacasa Cactus * The Wholesome Mama


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Baaaaa! , The reality of photographing kids.

2015.10.01 - Lamb on The Lamb

I hope everyone went and checked out this week’s Top Stitcher’s Challenge where I am going head to head with Ajaire from Call Ajaire in a Hacker Challenge! Our prompt was Word Play and we had to design an outfit inspired by a homophone pair! I made an outfit inspired by “Lamb on the lam” I just love how it turned out!  If you didn’t see it yet, Go, Go, Go! We would love it if you would rate our looks and provide some feedback.

Getting great photos of young kids is no easy task. I often get asked how I get my daughter to pose so well. The reality is, I don’t. She tries to pose but then I get stuff like this.


This was my first shot. We got to the location and I told her to pick a pose. She had other ideas in mind, like “Monkey Dance”


Next we went up the hill into an area with trees and put on more of the outfit. The jacket was her queue to be a sheep.


In between the Baaa-ing I was able to get this.


More sheep.


More Sheep


Even More Sheep. I got maybe 30 photos of her saying Baaaaaa! and 3 shots not.


My best advice is just to keep clicking. Eventually they will stop paying attention and you can get a decent shot =)

Today is the last day to rate our entries. If you haven’t checked them out yet, head on over to  Top Stitchers!




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Lamb on the lam ingredients!


I hope everyone went and checked out this week’s Top Stitcher’s Challenge where I am going head to head with Ajaire from Call Ajaire in a Hacker Challenge! Our prompt was Word Play and we had to design an outfit inspired by a homophone pair! I made an outfit inspired by “Lamb on the lam” I just love how it turned out!  If you didn’t see it yet, Go, Go, Go! We would love it if you would rate our looks and provide some feedback.

Today I’d like to go over all of the patterns and fabrics used.


DSC_30562 copy

2015.10.01 - Lamb on The Lamb

2015.10.01 - Lamb on The Lamb


Check out the full post over at Top Stitchers! I will be back tomorrow to share a few outtakes and some final musings on this project.




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On Tuesdays We Topstitch!

2015.10.01 - Lamb on The Lamb

So giddy today that I can finally show off my look for Top Stitchers! I had such a blast creating this look! Ajaire from CallAjaire and I were challenged with the prompt “Word Play”

Our Challenge:

“Homonyms are words that sound the same, but have different meanings. And while their popularity among students of the English language is only so-SEW, it SEAMS that sewing bloggers can’t get enough! Which gave me the NOTION to craft this wordplay prompt! Design an outfit around the homophone pair of your choice, and then incorporate as many of them as possible.
As a hacker, judges will pay special attention to your use of patterns. Find a way to marry two patterns by the same name, or whose designers share the same name.”

Stay tuned here tomorrow for a post covering some of the finer details and my favorite photos that I did not get to include. There will also be an outtake post.

In the meantime, Head on over to sewingstadium.com and check out what I did!! 

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Top Stitchers Season 3 Interview with Call Ajaire


I’m so psyched to be competing in  Top Stitchers Season 3Top Stitchers is an ”Iron Chef”-esque contribution to the Sewing Contest world. Each week, you’ll see two talented seamstresses from across the blog-o-sphere compete for your votes.” Check out the About Top Stitchers page on sewingstadium.com for full details on the competition.

Top Stitchers has grown a lot since Season 1. There is a brand new home on the web http://www.sewingstadium.com/ and a new Facebook group for fans to follow the competition and sew along!  We’d love to have you join the group!

I’m competing on Nov 3 against the amazing Ajaire from Call Ajaire. Our theme is Wordplay. We are both creating looks for our daughters inspired by a Homophone Pair! It’s a hacker challenge so we will also be doing some pattern mashing using patterns that share the same name or patterns who’s designers share the same name. Sew fun!

Not only that, we got interview our competitors! I was really excited about this part because I have been a Call Ajaire fan for quite a while. Let’s see what I was able to find out!Call Ajaire - Bio Picture

How long have you been sewing?

I don’t really remember not sewing.  My mother will adamantly say that she doesn’t sew clothes and doesn’t sew well enough to, but there was always a machine in our home growing up and she was always doing something crafty.  Not like a fox…. but crocheting,knitting, or quilting.  I do remember hand “sewing” clothes for a Barbie that barely covered her and my mother exclaiming that  lord help us if I ever went into design haha.  I also remember in 3rd grade hand sewing a puppet of a macaw for a book report and I was just so certain I could do it.  No one really helped me, cause again, my mother would always say she wasn’t very good, but I must have absorbed it through watching cause there was nothing that anyone could have said to convince me that even without a pattern I couldn’t make a parrot puppet at age 9 or whatever I was.  It wasn’t perfect, but the beak actually was big enough to get fingers in to move and I remember the book saying something about the striped colors of the macaw and I hand sewed strips of felt together for stripes.  It’s definitely my earliest stitching memory.

Call Ajaire Make Your Own Fabric Bean front main new
One of Ajaire’s favorite pieces. She created the fabric for this one!

When did you start blogging?

Technically I started Call Ajaire in 2009.  I was newly married and trying to find inspiration to sew.  Blogging was a way I could participate in sew-a-longs and have an outlet for my inspiration.  But it wasn’t until our daughter was born in 2011 that my blog took a direction.  I had always sewn for myself, but sewing clothes for my girl was a source of inspiration I wasn’t really expecting. I used the PR&P themes as a way to keep end dates and stay on task with what would have otherwise been inspiration posts without finished looks.

You are well-known as a hacker through your Monthly Mash-up Series.  What inspired you to start that?

I think it’s important to know your strengths and I’m someone who has always said I’m not creative, but I do creative things.  I feel like I don’t have a lot of original thought, but that I see things and my brain combines them in a new way that maybe could be construed as an original idea, but I’ll always look to the source and so I don’t consider it a creative – out of the thin air – concept.  And trust me I am in awe of people who i know that have that out of thin air creativity.  But without having it, I still believe there is value in what skill I have and wanted to play to that strength.  My art is collage.  It may not be original, but it’s an original conglomeration.  If that makes any sense.  So when I was thinking about a series I’d like to start, mashUps seemed to make the most sense.  It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and I feel like everyone has the capacity to do. It’s been on hiatus for a few months, but I have some great plans for the series soon so stay tuned!

Call Ajaire Alice Bean lolli front
Another favorite look. Alice In Wonderland – 150th Anniversary – “It was the first thing I’d made in a while that was a bit of a collection and I was happy it came together”

Are you a wordplay person? Are you punny?

I think in wordplay all the time, but almost none of it comes out of my mouth.  I secretly love puns, but am irritated by people who use them.  It’s hard being me haha.  But I really am obsessed with scrabble, jumbles,  crosswords, and any kind of word games.

As a previous contestant  Season 2, how do you feel about going into this challenge vs the last one?

Last season I love the prompt, but was swamped and had so many ideas and yet not enough time to dedicate.  So this season I am excited to already have a great plan and know I’ll have time to do a job I’ll be proud of.

Where are you most active on Social Media?

Instagram/@callajaire but I am on Facebook a lot lately too.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/DesignsByCallAjaire/

Go check her out!

I loved chatting with Ajaire.  I cannot wait to see what see what she makes! I am hard at work on my project. I have my ideas nailed down, materials ordered and once I return from my much-needed Disney vacation I’m going to get to stitching!

Hop over to Call Ajaire to see my answers to her interview questions. Follow The Top Stitchers Blog on Sewing Stadium for the whole series! I have a feeling this season is going to be EPIC!

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Molly Mermaid Dress

DSC_2894I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Molly Mermaid Free Motion Applique pattern from StitchART.

The applique pattern comes with the design and all instructions needed to complete your Molly Mermaid for only $3.89. All you need is a free motion/embroidery foot and some basic applique supplies like fusible web. There are even instructions for changing the size so you can fit the pattern on multiple projects. DSC_2896I was excited to do this. I have had a free motion foot for a while but only used it to write my initials on a scrap the first time I got it.

Making the applique was super easy even though I had no real practice using the foot. It did take me a little bit to get the feel of moving the fabric around but by the end of this one I really felt like a pro. I cannot wait to try out more of the other StitchART designs. DSC_2878I know everyone is gearing up for fall but here in Texas we have quite a bit of warm weather left. We had a pool party of friends this last weekend and I thought a mermaid dress would be perfect for my daughter to wear over her swimsuit. DSC_2890I used the Charlie MackADoodle from BurlapButton for the dress. I added the flutter sleeves from the Tummy Topper pattern.  These patterns are quick sew staples for me, I’ve made them in every size from 2T. DSC_2917The fabric is Lillestoff Aloha Flamingo Paradise. DSC_2914My daughter was so excited for this dress. She is in love with her Molly Mermaid and was showing it to everyone. She has a mermaid on her beach towel too so she thought it was super cool they matched.

Making the mermaid was so much fun! And everyone knows we are big “Tomingo” (Flamingo) people over here, so Flossy the Flamingo will have to happen soon!






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