Brassie Pants


I have such a hard time with pants for my little one. I get the length right, then she grows a couple of inches within weeks and they are high waters. I get the waist right, and that couple of inches in height slims out her middle and then they are falling off. My kid is also rough on pants. She climbs, kicks, and and falls down a lot and her pants need to move with her.

When Greenstyle Creations came out with with these Brassie Pants, I knew I had to have them and that they would be a solution to many of my pants woes. I was not wrong.

Yoga Waist

The pants can be made from knit. They can also be made from a woven fabric with knit cuffs and yoga waist. The woven is my favorite option because I like bottom weight fabric for pants. I also like the the way the woven fabric gives an extra little poof to them. They have optional belt loops and sash which I love the look of but omitted because belts are a little tricky for my newly potty trained three year old right now. I look forward to using them in the future.


They can be made capri or shorts length. I chose the capri. We love capris because they can fall at different lengths on the leg and still look fantastic. They are sized in groups of two from 18mo to 14 years. I made the 3-4 for my daughter who is just starting to wear 3s on bottom. They fit great and I can see them fitting for a couple of seasons. Oh how I love when you can get a long life out of kids clothes.

My first go I cut out two identical pairs. One for my girl and one for a friend the same size. I used this super cool red/pink twill from Chez Ami and a pink cotton lycra for the bands and cuffs. I sewed up both pairs in less than an hour!

Pants Hanging

The pattern calls for elastic thread. I’m not a huge fan of shirring. I don’t like all the fidgeting I have to do with my machine to get the elastic thread loaded up. I was so appreciative that she provided an alternate method that didn’t require that. It was a piece of cake!

Pants Costco
Once I confirmed that these pants were indeed awesome and would fit for a long time, I decided to break into my stash of Stenzo corduroy from L’oiseau. This fabric is truly stunning. It’s a lighter weight cord, softest I’ve ever felt. The colors are so bright and beautiful. I was able to make these with a half meter and still have leftovers for another project.

Gorgeous combination. I cannot get enough of these.

Soccer 2

These pants are made for play!

soccer3  Soccer 4
My daughter loves them, It’s the only pants she wants to wear right now. I have to make more. I already have my next pair planned. Stenzo Butterfly Denim Swoon! I think the shorts version would make such adorable “bloomers” for under dresses and the all knit version for pajama/lounge pants.

Kid Smiling

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