Mystery Challenge Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

DSC_2142So excited to share my May Mystery Challenge! The challenge group is doing People and Places Thoughout History this month. Make sure to check out the other stops on the Mystery Challenge Tour at the bottom of this post!

For my challenge this month, the awesome Maegan from Mae and K challenged me to do something inspired by The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II June 2, 1953. I was all over the place coming up with ideas for this challenge. I had dreams of coronation gowns, crowns, thrones, it was all very exciting to think about. First, I needed to do some research. Here were some of my favorite links to read up on this amazing day.

The more I read about the Coronation, the more I got inspired by the peoples story. This was a very interesting time. TVs were just picking up some momentum in popularity. The Coronation was to be televised for the first time. Television sales skyrocketed leading up to the coronation and people planned huge celebrations around watching the event.

One common way to celebrate was with a Street Party. Everyone in the neighborhood would pull their tables and chairs into a long line in the middle of the street and celebrate with food, drink, and entertainment. I just love the idea of these. What a fun way to enjoy the community.

Another common way to celebrate was Tea Parties. There was even a huge tea party held at Buckingham Palace for underprivileged Children. In Birmingham, all children up to age 11 received a Coronation mug and a tin of chocolates.

After taking all of this in and thinking about what I had in my stash to work with, I decided that we were going to have a Tea Party! My daughter LOVES tea parties and I thought it would be a good opportunity to make her some pretty linens to go in her tea party basket,


I started with a tablecloth. I had a yard of this gorgeous English Tea fabric that I thought would make a perfect backdrop for a Tea Party. I hemmed it up using my coverstretch.


Next, I made some napkins from Stenzo Netherlands Rose. For the napkins I finished them by serging with some variegated thread.

DSC_2048I loaded it into a basket and presented it to my daughter along with her tea party supplies. I showed my 4 year old photos of Queen Elizabeth II and explained we were going to have a Tea Party to Celebrate her. She was sooo on board =)


I decided she needed a special dress for the occasion. I made her a Tikatuly Aurthi in a Spring Stenzo Bird Print. Both the Bird/Flower print and roses were purchased from L’oiseau Fabrics. These prints are no longer in stock but her shop is full of similar lovelies.


The opposite side is a Lillestoff Hearts Poplin. The dress is reversible. I will show off the other side in a future post.


She needed some jewels, we were celebrating a Queen after all! We used her crown from her recent ballet recital.


Some Tea, Cookies, A British Flag, A Teddy Bear Companion, and a Photobombing Dog, we were all set!

DSC_2103A fine time was had by all! She was soooo excited about the linens and has since had a couple of impromptu tea parties in the living room. It’s amazing how much the simple things can delight children. This has reminded me that I should do more quick small projects for and with her.

DSC_2168“What??? a paint brush? Can I paint with it??” Haha figuring out Mom’s prop tricks =)

I loved reading about the Coronation and while I would have loved to do an ornate gown and cape I am happy I came to a place to use what I had and make these things which she will use for some time.

Make sure to check out the other stops on the Mystery Challenge People and Places Throughout History Tour!

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    1. Yay! So happy you like it. It was such a fun challenge and there was so many ways to take it. I really love Queen Elizabeth II as a fashion icon too. Love her hats and colorful suits/dresses! Someone is going to get that as a challenge in the future 😛

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