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Welcome to my stop on the E-beth Designs Lorelei Women’s Dress Blog Tour! There is a giveaway at the bottom of this post where you can win your very own copy of the Lorelei Women’s Dress Pattern! You can also use the discount code blogtour to receive $3.00 off! If you win the giveaway you will be refunded. Make sure to check out the schedule to see the other posts from the amazing bloggers on the tour. I was provided this pattern free for the tour, all opinions expressed are my own.

2014.06.01 starly

When I saw that E-beth designs was looking for participants for the Lorelei Women’s Dress Blog Tour I volunteered immediately. It’s such a beautifully polished dress. It features a fitted bodice with a flattering yoke neckline. The dress is fully lined and includes a zipper closure. There is an option to add tulle to the skirt lining to give the skirt ultimate twirl power. It comes in 12 different sizes, 00 (31″ chest) to 20 (46″ chest), with cups A-DD separately sized 00-20. I was super appreciative of the cup sizes. It made fitting a breeze and I didn’t have to do a full bust adjustment. I made a quick muslin of the bodice and after fitting chose size 16DD.

- 012edit

I used a Pink Linen Blend Chambray from Denver Fabrics for the skirt and yoke. The color variation in this fabric is very pretty. I loved the idea of using an unstructured fabric like linen in a structured dress.

2014.06.01 starly - 007editbodice

For the bodice I wanted to feature these beautiful Stenzo Little Netherlands Roses from L’oiseau Fabrics. This rose print is truly mesmerizing. Stenzo poplins have the most vivid colors of any fabrics I’ve sewn. The poplin is a great weight for a dress, lightweight but not thin. Since the poplin is so wide (59″) was able to make the bodice using only a half meter of fabric and I have plenty left for some fun summer accessories.

2014.06.01 starly - 008edit

The pattern instructions were precise and easy to follow. I often sew knits or very simple woven patterns for myself because even though I am not new to sewing,the bulk of my experience is kids clothes. I was very impressed with the finishing techniques in this pattern. There was nothing that I found to be difficult, but I still learned some things. I feel like my skills are better because of sewing it and the quality of dress that was produced is top notch. I’m very proud =)


I mentioned the dress closes with a zipper. My version of the dress has no zipper =) You see, I have a Zippers-R-Us worthy stash of zippers. The pattern calls for a 20 inch. I knew I had seen 20 inch in my stash so I thought I was golden. Along comes install the zipper day and I dig through my zippers to grab the 20 inch. Sadly, the zipper was an unfortunate color for the dress I was making. I installed the zipper using the pattern instructions but left a little overlap so it would be hidden. When I finished I looked over my work and was proud. I was so excited that my beautiful dress was ready to try on.

2014.06.01 starly - 010edit

I unzip the zipper and it only unzips 2 inches. It’s stuck, way stuck. I get really frustrated and try to wiggle it out and then somehow I rip the zipper teeth away from the zipper tape and its still stuck, and now very broken. I am freaking out because I can’t even try the dress on. I decided that I would make an attempt to pull it over my head very carefully. Much to my delight the dress slipped over my head with complete ease. There was no contorting or squeezing or sucking of anything in. The dress fit so beautifully I could have cried. I went back and forth for a couple of hours trying to decide if I should replace the zipper and ultimately decide to remove it and sew up the back seam so it would be a slip on dress.

- 013edit

I’m really in love with this dress. I was going for a summer garden party vibe with this one and have planned to make another night time version with a chiffon skirt.


If you would like to make your own gorgeous Lorelei Women’s Dress you can purchase the pattern for $3 off using the discount code: blogtour here.


Click the link below to enter to win one of 3 copies of the Lorelei dress pattern!
Lorelei Dress Pattern Rafflecopter Giveaway!

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  1. it looks great!! love the spring-y colors you chose! I had to unpick my zipper a couple of places since mine was sewn too close at times and it wouldn’t move.

    1. Thank you. I bet that is what I did to mine to get it initially stuck. I was so frantic about it I ended up breaking it worse. Happy Accident I guess =)

  2. Beautiful dress and fit! Your fabrics look great together. I’d never have guessed this one would work without a zip, but I may need to try another one now. I hate putting in zips! Great work 🙂

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