Kids Clothes Week Ready, Set….

gnomesTomorrow kicks off Kids Clothes Week, a challenge where you sew for your kids one hour a day for seven days. In the past I have participated passively. This is the first time I’m challenging myself to do the whole thing and submit my projects to the Kids Clothes Week site.

I usually start with lofty goals and complete about half the days. The first day gets approached with gusto. The second day after working a full day, dinner, then my turn for kiddo bedtime, I’m usually faced with one of my non-preferred sewing tasks. It’s hard to get excited about taping together a pattern after a long day. I end up skipping out and then the week ends with me getting in three good sewing days.

This time I’m trying something different.  Baggies!

baggiesI’ve been working the past couple of weeks to tape patterns, cut fabric, and load them into plastic bags. Now all I have to do is sew for an hour all week long. How fun is that?

Here is a rundown of what I will sew this week. I have some super easy projects for nights I can only fit an hour. I have some more time intensive projects for nights I don’t do bedtime.

Izzy Top

1. Climbing the Willow Izzy Top – This is an unfinished project I’ve been dragging out for a month. I just need to complete the skirt and attach to the bodice.


Sally DressVery Shannon Sally Dress – This is such a cute summer dress with elbow sleeves and huge pockets for treasures.


Recess RaglansSee Kate Sew Recess Raglans – It’s April in Texas and we have no short sleeve T-shirts that fit.


Apple LoungewearShwin and Shwin Apple Loungewear Tops – I cut out four of these. I made them extra long so they can be sleep shirts. This is another critical need as the long T-shirts I was using for this purpose, now show belly.


Modkid CeceModkid Cece Dress – This is going to be the Easter dress. Bunnies and Bows!! I have not cut this out yet but plan to get to it this evening.

I’m not sure if I will make it through everything but I am excited about the prospect of trying. I will cover the projects in more detail as I get them finished up.

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