Homegrown Tank in My Little Pony


My kiddo is a trooper. So far she has excitedly accepted everything I’ve made for her. She is always eager to try on, and go outside to play in her new clothes so Mommy can get some pictures. Most of the time I sew what I want for her. I like this arrangement. I don’t want it to end anytime soon, so when she makes a special request I try to be accommodating. The most recent request was a My Little Pony dress.


I had seen the MLP fabric around facebook but I hate shopping at the big box fabric shops so had been passing it up. I thought I might satisfy this request with a My Little Pony patch or some embroidery. When One Red Blossom announced they had some My Little Pony in stock, I snapped it up quick and changed plans.


When the fabric arrived I found it went perfectly with this rainbow striped Euro Poplin I had from L’oiseau Fabrics. I started thinking about patterns and remembered I had not yet tried the Homegrown Tank from Little Lizard King I got the pattern when it was still cool and intended to make a few for summer. It’s well into summer now and with a big growth spurt she needs pretty much everything so it was a good time to give it a go.


The pattern was really easy to put together. It was refreshing to not have a ton of pieces to tape, there is only one for the bodice piece so you can start cutting within 5 minutes. The fit is impeccable and due to the genius design I think it will fit nicely for a long time. The front part has some structure due to the band. The back is stretchy all the way through and then the sash cinches it up to perfection.  I have lots of knit scraps and it takes just a tiny bit for the bodice so we will have fun with this one.  I decided to decorate this version with some kam snaps =)


She thinks this dress is the best thing ever. While I was not originally excited about making a My Little Pony dress, it’s pretty dang cute =)

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  1. I so love when I can make my kids a special request garment and have them love it. Totally makes my day! This is very cute, though I will be very careful not to show it to my girl or I’ll be hounded to no end to make an identical version!

    1. Thank you =) The bodice is cotton lycra, 4 way stretch. I got this piece at Eurogirls Boutique some time ago. I don’t know that she has the exact same color in right now. l’oiseau fabrics also has some fabulous raspberry dots on cotton lycra in a slightly different shade. Both places have amazing knits.

  2. I love that you mixed the other prints in with the MLP fabric. It makes it so much more interesting and not overwhelmingly commercial. Great job.

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