Greenstyle Laurel and Laurelette Sew Along Day 3


Welcome to Day 3 of the of the Greenstyle Creations Laurel and Laurelette Sew Along!

Yesterday we constructed the bodice. Easy peasy, right?

If you followed my advice for prep day and cut the bodice with the longer length on the Laurel pattern, now is the time to try it on. If it is too long at this point you can trim it before attaching your skirt.

Today we will be completing the skirt and attaching to the bodice.

Pleat Marks

Both the Laurel and Laurelette have a pleated front and an optional pleated back. For the Laurelette the pleat marks for all sizes are the same. For the Laurel there are pleat marks for the different sizes. On the Laurel I like to take a magic marker and go over the pleat marks for my size so I can see the line on both sides of the pattern piece. I do the same for the Laurelette just so I can see them on the back.


The way I do my pleats is to add pins at each of the pleat marks. I fold the pleats to where the pins match. I then remove one of the pins and use that to secure the pleat until I baste it. You can also use a washable marker or chalk to mark your pleats. I do pins because I am always challenged with finding the right color marking tool for my fabric =)

When you do create your pleats make sure to fold them toward the side seams. Often knits are the same pattern/color on both sides especially on solids. When you sew your front and back skirt together double check that the pleats are going the right way still. If you use the “wrong” side the pleats will be reversed. I have done this more than once.


I prefer to hem with either a triple stitch or a zigzag stitch.


Finishing up!

So that’s it. Pleat your skirt, sew it up, attach to your bodice and hem! Once you have finished your item, photograph it and post it in the album in the Greenstyle Creations Facebook Group. You have though Sunday to get your entries submitted! I can’t wait to show you the one I am working on =)

2014.05.24 Green2

Sleeveless Laurel and Greenstyle Amy Maxi.



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