Greenstyle Laurel and Laurelette Sew Along Day 1

Hello Everyone! Welcome visitors from the Greenstyle Creations Facebook group!  I am hosting the sew along for the Greenstyle Laurel and Laurelette patterns.

Today is Day 1 of the Sew Along. The sew along will be broken up into 3 days. You will have until Sunday Oct. 5 to finish your item and submit a photo to the Greenstyle Creations Facebook Group!

Our objective today is to have all of our fabric cut out so we can start sewing tomorrow =)

Step 1: Get your fabric ready.  It is super important that knit fabric gets pre-washed. Wash it in the warmest temperature of water that you typically use to do your laundry and dry it the same way. This will make sure you will not have suprise shrinkage after the item is made and will remove any sizing or chemicals that were added during manufacturing.

Step 2. Tape your pattern

There is a handy guide in the pattern that shows the layout for taping your pattern pages. If you are doing the Adult version, it will be large so make sure to find a nice big space.

My favorite way to tape patterns is against my sliding glass door. The light through the glass allows me to easily see all the lines to align things quickly. I can usually get a pattern taped on my door in about 10 minutes. I tape the top row of pattern pieces to the door and then all subsequent rows to the row above. Any large window will work for this.


My next favorite method is to use a big blank wall. Sometimes I do this when its dark outside and it won’t help me to use the door. I find it quicker for me to tape on a vertical surface than horizontal. If I don’t have either available I will use a big table or the floor. It just takes me a few more minutes.

Once I have everything taped together I cut out my pieces for the size I need. If you want to do multiple sizes and you don’t want to re-print your pieces, you might want to trace them on to freezer paper. There is an example of this on the Greenstyle Blog article for the Lacy here.

For the Laurel I go ahead and cut out the longest sleeve and skirt length. When I get to the fabric cutting part I will fold the pattern at the cut line I need so I can preserve the pattern piece in case I want to use other options later.

A Note about Torso – The Women’s Laurel pattern has Long, Regular and Short torso cutting lines. Most people will fall in the Regular or Long Torso. If you know you have a longer torso or if you have a cup size larger than a D cup I recommend going with the long torso option. If you aren’t quite sure I recommend going with the longer length and then trying on once your bodice is constructed. It’s easier to trim it back to the shorter length if needed than to have to start over because it’s too short.

The last thing I do with my pieces is to mark my pleat marks. I like to go over the pleat marks for the size I’m doing with a marker. This helps me see the marks on both sides of the pattern piece which will be handy later when we go to mark our pleats on the fabric.

Step 3. Cut out your fabric.

There is a handy layout guide in the pattern to show how to lay your pattern pieces on the fabric. I use a rotary cutter to do my cutting so I place my fabric and pieces on my cutting mat. I like using pattern weights instead of pins. My favorite pattern weights are these bottle openers.You can usually get ones similar to these at a restaurant supply store for a couple dollars. The smaller ones I use are large washers from the hardware store. I prefer these options over filled pattern weights because they are flat and do not get in my way when I’m using my cutter.


Step 4. Clean up and prep your thread.

Once everything is cut I like to place them in a nice pile and then tidy up my work area. I also use this time to check that I have a ballpoint needle in my machine, have a loaded bobbin and the thread I want to use. When I start sewing I like to be able to just go. Having things all ready helps keep me from procrastinating.

That is all for today. Tomorrow we will work on the bodice. If you have any questions post them to the event in the Greenstyle group so others can see. I will check in periodically to help out.

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