Get your game face on! All that glitters – Soccer Edition


Sewing along with Project Run and Play again. This week the theme is All that Glitters. I had not originally planned to sew along this week but sometimes inspiration hits and you just have to run with it. I had convinced myself we didn’t need any fancy clothes right now and I did not have any glitter in the house. I was content with my decision until little miss reminded me that I told her I would make her soccer clothes.

She recently started playing soccer as one of the electives at her school. With the program she is in she was supposed to get a shirt to wear on soccer days but they were temporarily out in her size. I told her I could make her a soccer shirt. I then realized that sparkly pink soccer clothes would be pretty awesome =)


I went to Joanns and picked up the pink sequin activewear fabric. I had everything else except some glitter vinyl. This post almost didn’t happen tonight because the vinyl shipped sometime last week and did not make it to me until around 3:30 this afternoon!! I had everything else ready but I haven’t used my silhouette a ton so it was a bit stressful trying to finish up and get photos last minute.


For the top I used Finn by Blaverry. Finn is a peplum top that I used last week for the Disney Descendants look. I really love the shoulder detail option available with the pattern and thought it would be perfect for a soccer tee. I left off the peplum and drew out the bodice straight down around 3 inches. I probably should have flared it out a bit more toward the bottom. I will next time because she already wants more soccer shirts 😛


For the shorts I used the free City Gym Shorts pattern from Purl Soho. This was a first time make. They turned out super cute. We will make more of these for sure!


I did do a slight modification and made a knit waistband instead of using elastic. The shorts are made in one of my favorite Stenzo Poplin prints from Mabel Madison. I used the sparkly activewear from Joanns as the bias trim.


I let her help me pick some soccer themed designs from the Silhouette Store. She decided on soccer girl for the front.


The word “Soccer” and a swish for the back. She made good choices I think =) The striped fabric is from my stash originally from Chez Ami who are out of business sadly =( They always had a great stock of knits and also sold high quality children’s clothes. An interesting thing I just found out is that Patty Aiken Designs who ran Chez Ami now has all of Chez Ami’s patterns available.  I will need to check those out!


So now we’re up! The Rocks playing the Rolls! Actually I’m told it was Tigers Vs Sharks. She’s a Tiger can’t ya tell!


Talking some smack to the Sharks.



Despite the stress of trying to get the glitter done in time to take photos before dark this was a fun and easy little project to work on. Kid has some super cute soccer clothes and I got to get my glitter on!


I had only planned to sew along two weeks but now that I’ve done 3 I feel I need to do next week’s too so you will see me back here next week =)




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    1. Thank you! I am thinking I might need some too lol. I have had the Prefontaine Shorts pattern for grown ups forever. I think I’ll have to finally try them this summer.

  1. Adorable!!! Once you get into the groove with your Silhouette you will be addicted! I wonder how many PRaP sew along people used HTV glitter this week?! I need to go check out all the link-ups!!!

    1. Thank you!My biggest problem is that I got confused that the HTV glitter had an extra backing on it that you needed to peel away. I cut one sheet and thought it did not cut through enough. I used a bigger blade setting and cut again same problem, then I was like Duh! Looks like she gets a second glittery soccer shirt as soon as I find time to sew up another tee. oops =)

    1. Thank you! It was a fun project! I actually have extra glitter soccer stuff cut out because I thought I made a mistake the first time but turns out I didn’t so she gets another once I have time to make another tee.

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