Fairy Pokemon


I’m sewing along with Project Run and Play. This week’s theme is Pokemon and that is very relevant to our interests these days. We have played a bit of Pokemon Go, my daughter loves the Pokemon XY show on Netflix and since she started kindergarten recently she has been playing Pokemon on the playground. I am not sure what all playground Pokemon entails but I do know she is always JigglyPuff.


This outfit was inspired by the Fairy type Pokemon. Besides being a big fan of Jigglypuff she also loves Sylveon. I found this piece of fabric that has circles filled with different fairy type Pokemon including both. It was perfect but I didn’t want to use it as is. I decided to make a coat and raw edge applique the circles to the coat. I have been wanting to make a Shwin Designs Nina Coat since it came out so this was a great opportunity.

How about some side eye?

I originally wanted to use aqua buttons to close the coat but she was having none of that. I did not want to use a zipper so I settled on Velcro. I considered doing a decorative button with verlcro on the back but instead decided to make knit velcro straps and use a D-ring for the buckle.

Clifford, Get in my ball!

9I sewed the coat in this gorgeous Pink and Plum Geometric denim from Cali Fabrics. I coverstitched around the perimeter of the coat in a light pink color and used Maxi Lock Tie Dye Punch in the looper so it would show with the collar flipped down. 2The rest of the outfit was made from random fabrics in my stash that reminded me of Fairy Pokemon. I made the Lil Luxe Collection Pembridge Pinafore in two gorgeous Stenzo Corduroys from Mabel Madison. I modified the pinafore slightly by adding side panel pockets. A girl needs some big pockets to store her PokeBalls!6The undershirt is the Hey June Camden Raglan sewn in a solid berry color Rayon Lycra knit from my stash and this lovely Mona Blue from Loiseau Fabrics3The Knee Highs are Abby’s Trailblazing Socks from The Wolf and The Tree. I used the same fabrics I used for the undershirt on the socks. 4We made a little Jigglypuff alphabet bead necklace to complete the look.She is “Star of the Week” in her Kindergarten class this week. Each kid has a week and they get to take home Clifford the Dog and take pictures with him. She insisted that Clifford come with us and that she would try to catch him with her Pokeball. It turns out Pokeballs don’t work so well on Cliffords. 10

I got this week’s sewalong done by the skin of my teeth! Next week’s theme is Autumn and I can’t wait to see all of the fall makes! Join in the fun over at Project Run and Play!



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