Cotton Lycra is my BFF

4Did someone say sew all the knits?? I think that is exactly what Project Run and Play said =). Project Run and Play started up a new season and I am sewing along with a couple of the themes. How could I pass up sewing up a knit outfit. They are my favs.

I especially love cotton lycra. It has great stretch and recovery and can be used for just about any knit project. I keep a pretty big stash of cotton lycra all the time and I save my scraps. As long as I stick to similar weight ones (I like 8-10oz) I can mix them up over and over again.


For this knit outfit I started with the Hibernis Cowl from Sofilantjes. I was in love with this as soon as it came out. It has such awesome lines and  colorblocking options. I hacked it a little by extending the hem band a few inches to turn it into a minidress.


One of the many cool features of the Hibernis is that the cowl is removable. This is perfect for me because its very late in the cool season for us here in Texas.


I added some eco felt cutouts to the snap tabs that hold the cowl in place. A star on one side.


A flower on the other side.


FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)

I made the short sleeve version of the Hibernis and layered it over a tee  so she can still wear the Hibernis when it gets warmer.

For the undershirt I used a Gracious Threads Petra Tee I made last year. My daughter got a lot taller since then. There was still plenty of length because I made it extra long to start but the sleeves were now at some weird place between 3/4 and elbow. I added some extra long cuffs to the sleeve to make it long. I often add cuffs or hem bands to tees to get more wear out of them. Good knits aren’t cheap but the cost per wear ends up totally worth it.


Warm weather version without the undershirt and cowl makes a happy camper when it’s 80 degrees, like when we took these photos. Don’t feel bad, she got ice cream for this 😛

FullSizeRender (2)

I had a pair of Abby’s Footed tights from The Wolf and the Tree I made in November. Growth spurt meant that these are now too small in the inseam so she can’t pull them up all the way. No problem, I just cut off the toes and hemmed the bottom for a brand new pair of leggings!


I whipped up a little hat with the awesome free beanie pattern from Made for Mermaids. 


And some coordinating tshirt yarn hair ties.

Pensebrox just did a fantastic tutorial on making tshirt yarn, and  “Are you kidding me ? ” She also knitted it into a fricken tutu. You must see this. 

There are some really amazing knits in this outfit. I love how all the colors and patterns pair together without being too much…. well, not too much for me anyway =)


Patterns Used


And the real fun part is that all of these pieces mix with other items I’ve made. Kid can’t go wrong getting dressed.

There are 3 more themes coming up! Check them out and sew along!


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    1. Thank you! I love mixing them too, and if you mix enough all the pieces share some of the same fabric so they can all go together.

  1. Thanks for the mention! This outfit is too cute! I love both the mix of prints and the fact that the look is designed to cross seasons. That tights pattern is the greatest thing ever.

    1. Thank you! I love the tights too. We have such a short winter season that its super handy to start them out as tights then turn to leggings or even capri leggings later.

      You’re welcome on the mention, that tutu is really the best thing I have seen in a while!

  2. Wow! 80 degrees in February? That’s crazy. LOVE this outfit, by the way. I live in the Pacific Northwest where everyone dresses in layers. This would be perfect 😀

    1. Right! and I actually took these in Jan technically so even worse! I fear that our first 100 degree day will be wayyy to early for my tastes this year. Its cold again today though so not a loss, and everything can be split up =)

      Thank you!!

    1. Thank you! I love the removable cowl. Its especially handy here where we don’t get a long winter. I should be able to reuse the cowl part next season.

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