Bimaa, Where have you been all my life?


I’ve had the Bimaa pattern forever bit had not sewn it. This was clearly a mistake. I made this mid December and then things got all crazy.


Christmas happened and then new years and I have been a blogging slacker.


This Bimaa gets worn as soon as it’s clean, every week. Ridiculously cute kittens from Loiseau Fabrics. 


I really love this pattern. It comes together super quick. The fit is really nice. I’ve had it since the Sewfab pattern sale but I got the updated one recently. There is a cowl and a shawl collar option and the sizing goes up to 12 now. This is good news because I will make these every year for a while, I’m sure. I have made two more of them since. You will see an extra special one I did for a Guest Post  that will come next week and then I made the rainbow one for a friend.


This Bimaa inspired some lightsabering with some pink princess light up thingamagigg.


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  1. The mixing of the prints on the hood is a super cute touch. I am also on the Bimaa bandwagon now! I just need to finish sewing Pen’s quilt so I can have room on my cutting table to cute out more for Seb.

    1. I am loving the Bimaas. I nee a womens version I think 😛 These will be kiddos weekend uniform until it warms up shortly.

    1. Thank you! It was almost an accident that the hood turned out so awesome. I had planned to use stripes but I was concerned about getting them lined up nicely so I threw the other print between.

  2. This is one of those patterns that I always see and hear so much about and somehow never get my hands on. This is adorable! And the light sabering had to happen…it’s just how the world works. 🙂

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