Back to School 2017

Heyyou GUYS!” in my best Electric Company impression. It’s been a while. Lots of things going on in Sewstarly Land including the kiddo starting First Grade. We were happy to hop on to the Lulu and Celeste and Sprouting Jube Jube Back to School Tour to celebrate the occasion (and to make sure I actually sewed some back to school clothes :P) I’ll also share some of my favorite sewing for school kids tips.

I decided to make 2 outfits for the tour. First up is the Nivalis by Sofilantjes. Nivalis is a great dress pattern with tons of cute options. I decided to go with the basic version for this dress to show off this adorable rainbows and unicorn fabric from Zenith and Quasar.

Pro Tip: If you’re to use some nice fabric to make a dress and the pattern lends itself to it, do yourself a favor and size that baby up. Kiddo is about a 6 in width and 7 in length. I made an 8 for this dress. This fabric is high quality and will last and she will get a couple years of wear at least as the Nivalis works fabulous as a tunic when it gets too short.

I paired the dress with leggings using the free Leggins pattern from Love Notions. The fabric is one of my latest obsessions, Faux sparkles from Pink Zepplin. I love these multicolor sparkles in black. There’s probably not a piece in her wardrobe these won’t go with.

Check out the snark face! Attitude has for sure blossomed in first grade 😛

I found this adorable headband at Nordstrom Rack, in the grown up hair accessories section. I was excited to find it because we have big hair and big heads around here so the kid headbands rarely fit.

For the next outfit she brought me this crazy but awesome purple activewear knit from Mabel Madison Modern Makers and then asked me to make pants?!? I have to admit I was not quite on board which brings me to Pro Tip #2: Let them pick, even if it’s something you would never pick.

Because she was right and these made some pretty amazing pants. I used the Lazy Days Lounge Pants from Gracious Threads. These pants and us go way back. I tested them when they first came out and I have printed them in every size since. They are one of our staples.  I would have not thought to sew them in this kind of fabric but it worked out perfectly and now I am going to make more as I have a nice stockpile of Mabel Madison activewear in fun prints.

I paired the pants with a Hey June Camden Raglan in some ombre rainbow stripes from my stash.

I picked up this cute little denim jacket from Gap. I just love how all of the colors work together. Even though I did not see her vision starting out, this whole outfit is becoming on of my favs.

Pro Tip #3 Use your scraps and make some accessories!! I love love love this little free Oliver + S pattern for bow hair ties. They take all of 5 minutes to make. I make them along with cover button ponytail holders. The one here matches the pants. It will work with other outfits too. Because ponytail holders don’t stick around long here I am always making a ton. I have scraps of the leggings fabric and the rainbow unicorns on my cutting table now waiting to be hair ties.

Getting your hair stuck in your ears is pretty funny 😛

So many of my favorite sewing bloggers are on this tour sharing their Back to School 2017 looks. Make sure to check them out!



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