Baaaaa! , The reality of photographing kids.

2015.10.01 - Lamb on The Lamb

I hope everyone went and checked out this week’s Top Stitcher’s Challenge where I am going head to head with Ajaire from Call Ajaire in a Hacker Challenge! Our prompt was Word Play and we had to design an outfit inspired by a homophone pair! I made an outfit inspired by “Lamb on the lam” I just love how it turned out!  If you didn’t see it yet, Go, Go, Go! We would love it if you would rate our looks and provide some feedback.

Getting great photos of young kids is no easy task. I often get asked how I get my daughter to pose so well. The reality is, I don’t. She tries to pose but then I get stuff like this.


This was my first shot. We got to the location and I told her to pick a pose. She had other ideas in mind, like “Monkey Dance”


Next we went up the hill into an area with trees and put on more of the outfit. The jacket was her queue to be a sheep.


In between the Baaa-ing I was able to get this.


More sheep.


More Sheep


Even More Sheep. I got maybe 30 photos of her saying Baaaaaa! and 3 shots not.


My best advice is just to keep clicking. Eventually they will stop paying attention and you can get a decent shot =)

Today is the last day to rate our entries. If you haven’t checked them out yet, head on over to  Top Stitchers!




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