Back to School 2017

Heyyou GUYS!” in my best Electric Company impression. It’s been a while. Lots of things going on in Sewstarly Land including the kiddo starting First Grade. We were happy to hop on to the Lulu and Celeste and Sprouting Jube Jube Back to School Tour to celebrate the occasion (and to make sure I actually sewed some back to school clothes :P) I’ll also share some of my favorite sewing for school kids tips.

I decided to make 2 outfits for the tour. First up is the Nivalis by Sofilantjes. Nivalis is a great dress pattern with tons of cute options. I decided to go with the basic version for this dress to show off this adorable rainbows and unicorn fabric from Zenith and Quasar.

Pro Tip: If you’re to use some nice fabric to make a dress and the pattern lends itself to it, do yourself a favor and size that baby up. Kiddo is about a 6 in width and 7 in length. I made an 8 for this dress. This fabric is high quality and will last and she will get a couple years of wear at least as the Nivalis works fabulous as a tunic when it gets too short.

I paired the dress with leggings using the free Leggins pattern from Love Notions. The fabric is one of my latest obsessions, Faux sparkles from Pink Zepplin. I love these multicolor sparkles in black. There’s probably not a piece in her wardrobe these won’t go with.

Check out the snark face! Attitude has for sure blossomed in first grade 😛

I found this adorable headband at Nordstrom Rack, in the grown up hair accessories section. I was excited to find it because we have big hair and big heads around here so the kid headbands rarely fit.

For the next outfit she brought me this crazy but awesome purple activewear knit from Mabel Madison Modern Makers and then asked me to make pants?!? I have to admit I was not quite on board which brings me to Pro Tip #2: Let them pick, even if it’s something you would never pick.

Because she was right and these made some pretty amazing pants. I used the Lazy Days Lounge Pants from Gracious Threads. These pants and us go way back. I tested them when they first came out and I have printed them in every size since. They are one of our staples.  I would have not thought to sew them in this kind of fabric but it worked out perfectly and now I am going to make more as I have a nice stockpile of Mabel Madison activewear in fun prints.

I paired the pants with a Hey June Camden Raglan in some ombre rainbow stripes from my stash.

I picked up this cute little denim jacket from Gap. I just love how all of the colors work together. Even though I did not see her vision starting out, this whole outfit is becoming on of my favs.

Pro Tip #3 Use your scraps and make some accessories!! I love love love this little free Oliver + S pattern for bow hair ties. They take all of 5 minutes to make. I make them along with cover button ponytail holders. The one here matches the pants. It will work with other outfits too. Because ponytail holders don’t stick around long here I am always making a ton. I have scraps of the leggings fabric and the rainbow unicorns on my cutting table now waiting to be hair ties.

Getting your hair stuck in your ears is pretty funny 😛

So many of my favorite sewing bloggers are on this tour sharing their Back to School 2017 looks. Make sure to check them out!



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Splash Day Digs


Long time, no see! I am still here and still sewing though I have not been blogging my makes as much as of late as life has been a bit hectic. Kiddo has just finished Kindergarten and Summer Camp has started. Fridays at summer camp are splash days. They take out tubs of water, hoses, bubbles, water guns and all sorts of wet stuff and run around for a couple of hours. She outgrew her set from last year that I got at Costco. I meant to pick up another but by the time I did they were out un her size, drat. I figured I could make a fabulous one in less time it would take me to find a good fitting one, so I did.


I have a fabulous stash of Swimwear/Activewear fabrics in awesome prints that I got from Mabel Madison. In addition to what she has on her website she does great mystery boxes and prints in the Mabel Madison Modern Makers Facebook group. I let Miss 6 pick a couple from my stash and was pleasantly surprised at the awesome combo she picked out.


Wild colored animal prints are all the rage at the elementary school these days. She grabbed the print and was all “Mom, this is sooooo my style!”


For the rashguard top I used the Hey June Camden Raglan. This is our favorite raglan right now and I already had it printed in her size. Once it was made up I realized it should be a bit slimmer for a rashguard so i took in the side seams about a half inch on each side. I also shortened the length a bit and cut it straight across instead of the normal curved hem.


The bottoms are the Thread Faction 106 Skort. I didn’t make any modifications here except for omitting the hem.  This pattern is super versatile and works in just about any fabric. I have cut a few more out in Cotton Lycra, and in Cotton Lycra shorts + Woven skirt combos.


To complete the outfit I made the FREE  Oliver + S Bucket hat. The hat is all swim fabric. I wanted it to protect her face from the sun but also be fine getting wet. I made the body of the hat unlined and serged to construct. I lined the brim.


I love how everything turned out. She can play in the water and I don’t have to worry so much as to whether she got her sunscreen all on correctly.

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer!


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Signature Style

dsc_6583-2I’m sewing along with Project Run and Play again this week. This week’s challenge is Signature Style. I feel like I am in a place this year where someone could unknowingly pick out one of my outfits from a line up, but articulating why is always a struggle for me.

Some repeating elements in the looks I create are casual clothing, print mixing, a strong color story. My outfits usually have a lot going on but I feel I do a decent job at bringing it all together. If it’s not quite coming together as cohesively as I’d like, some Tie Dye Punch Maxi lock will fix it 😛 Also hats, we love some hats.


This year I decided to go with tried and true favorite patterns I wanted to sew again, because Signature Style should really be like riding a bike, right? This outfit was very much a joy to sew.

I started building the outfit with the pants. I scored this denim, originally from Joanns at Austin Creative Reuse for a dollar. I knew I wanted them to be Momma Quail Patterns Just Chillin Sweats.  I used some star knit from my stash for the waistband and pockets. The ribbing for the pocket binding is from L’oiseau Fabrics. 

dsc_6548-2I made the pants in her size, size 5 but omitted the cuffs for a cropped look.

dsc_6539-2For the top I used the Legends Top from Sew Straight and Gather. I shortened the 3/4 sleeves a bit to put them right below elbow length for more of a half sleeve. The front of the top is made from a scrap I had left of Liberty of London knit my husband bought me for Valentines Day. I had just enough for the legends front and had she been a size up it wouldn’t have worked. I have had this on my list to do forever so now was the time!

The socks are Abby’s Trailblazing Socks from The Wolf and the Tree in bobby sock length. I used some Stenzo stripes from L’oiseau Fabric. 

dsc_6544-2The sleeves and back of the top are made from Navy stretch velvet from Zenith and Quasar. I’m sooo loving the velvet trend this season. I have sewn with velvet a lot in the past but its a special kind of awesome when what you already love happens to be on trend.

dsc_6630-2The cardigan is the Rondje Top from Eli Monster. I made this recently out of fleece and then was pretty obsessed with the idea of making it from flannel. The outer main is from The inner is Kaufman Shetland Flannel from IvoryThreads. The texture in the Shetland flannel is so amazing. Super soft and fuzzy like a cozy blanket. The sleeves are navy sweatshirt fleece from my stash, originally from Girl Charlee.

dsc_6629-2I coverstiched around the perimeter of the cardigan with Maxi Lock Tie Dye Punch in the looper so it would show on the collar.

dsc_6674The hat is the free Oliver + S Bucket hat. I made it unlined except for the brim from the same stretch velvet I used on the top. I made a little bow from the striped sock fabric. I wanted the hat to be soft and kind of floppy with the velvet. I didn’t use any interfacing.

dsc_6619-2I’m super in love with how the whole thing turned out.The colors, the textures are all very me and also very my daughter.  All of these pieces will work well with her existing wardrobe and will be super cute all together once the weather cools off a bit here in Texas.


I had so much fun sewing along this season and watching the contestants compete. There were some really great makes this season. Huge congratulations to Gracious Threads for being the winner of Season 12!

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Happy Fall Y’all


Fall started this week, not that you would know it here in Texas as it’s still super hot still. Despite the never ending summer here,  Project Run and Play had me in the mood for some fall sewing with the “I am Autumn” theme this week so I’m sewing along.  There are two more weeks left and a couple of great themes. You should sew along too!


This week’s theme is all about the colors of Autumn. I found this amazing Autumn print from Finch at Emrose Fabrics (If you run, they are having an awesome clearance sale right now). Yellow and Orange aren’t always the most flattering on me and my little so I decided to play up the red, berry, and blue tones from the fabric accents for my other fabric choices.


With the Finch panel I made the Heidi and Finn Cocoon Dress. I love this dress so much, it has a really cute shape, doesn’t take much fabric and sews up quick.


I added a little reverse coverstitching to the back with maxi lock Tie Dye Punch. I love how it turned out but I will admit that the choice was partially made due to not having any yellow or orange thread around 😛


The cardigan is the Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardigan, another big favorite around here. My daughter gets cold in class even in the summer so we always keep a cardi in her backpack. This one is her favorite. The cardigan is sewn in a Burgundy thermal knit that I scored for $2 and Austin Creative Reuse. If you are in Austin you have to check out Austin Creative Reuse. I have found so many amazing supplies there recently.


The hat is the Free Ribbed Beanie Pattern from Delia Creates. I used a scrap of lacey jegging fabric I found at Joann a couple of years ago and paired with a plummy color stretch velvet, another score from Austin Creative Reuse.


The leg warmers are from the Abby’s Trailblazing Socks pattern from The Wolf and the Tree. As you can tell from my last few posts I can’t get enough of the socks pattern. I still have versions I haven’t tried so you will see them again. This is the legwarmer view with side snaps. The legwarmers are sewn in the velvet from Austin Creative Reuse and the snap placket is from the Joann Jegging material. The tights are store bought.


So there we have it. One day it will actually be fall here and she will be able to wear the full outfit but in the meantime she is excited to wear the dress to school on Monday with some leggings.


Happy Fall!!




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Fairy Pokemon


I’m sewing along with Project Run and Play. This week’s theme is Pokemon and that is very relevant to our interests these days. We have played a bit of Pokemon Go, my daughter loves the Pokemon XY show on Netflix and since she started kindergarten recently she has been playing Pokemon on the playground. I am not sure what all playground Pokemon entails but I do know she is always JigglyPuff.


This outfit was inspired by the Fairy type Pokemon. Besides being a big fan of Jigglypuff she also loves Sylveon. I found this piece of fabric that has circles filled with different fairy type Pokemon including both. It was perfect but I didn’t want to use it as is. I decided to make a coat and raw edge applique the circles to the coat. I have been wanting to make a Shwin Designs Nina Coat since it came out so this was a great opportunity.

How about some side eye?

I originally wanted to use aqua buttons to close the coat but she was having none of that. I did not want to use a zipper so I settled on Velcro. I considered doing a decorative button with verlcro on the back but instead decided to make knit velcro straps and use a D-ring for the buckle.

Clifford, Get in my ball!

9I sewed the coat in this gorgeous Pink and Plum Geometric denim from Cali Fabrics. I coverstitched around the perimeter of the coat in a light pink color and used Maxi Lock Tie Dye Punch in the looper so it would show with the collar flipped down. 2The rest of the outfit was made from random fabrics in my stash that reminded me of Fairy Pokemon. I made the Lil Luxe Collection Pembridge Pinafore in two gorgeous Stenzo Corduroys from Mabel Madison. I modified the pinafore slightly by adding side panel pockets. A girl needs some big pockets to store her PokeBalls!6The undershirt is the Hey June Camden Raglan sewn in a solid berry color Rayon Lycra knit from my stash and this lovely Mona Blue from Loiseau Fabrics3The Knee Highs are Abby’s Trailblazing Socks from The Wolf and The Tree. I used the same fabrics I used for the undershirt on the socks. 4We made a little Jigglypuff alphabet bead necklace to complete the look.She is “Star of the Week” in her Kindergarten class this week. Each kid has a week and they get to take home Clifford the Dog and take pictures with him. She insisted that Clifford come with us and that she would try to catch him with her Pokeball. It turns out Pokeballs don’t work so well on Cliffords. 10

I got this week’s sewalong done by the skin of my teeth! Next week’s theme is Autumn and I can’t wait to see all of the fall makes! Join in the fun over at Project Run and Play!



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Back to School Tour


Welcome to my stop on the Lulu & Celeste and Sprouting Jube Jube Productions Back To School Tour!


Make sure to read to the bottom of this post for Discounts! Giveaways! and a Linkup for your own Back to School Creations!!

The Rondje Top pattern from Eli Monster was provided to me for this tour. Opinions expressed are my own. 


This tour was very emotional for me because this teeny tiny baby right here started Kindergarten this week. I am still in shock but hanging in there. How did she grow up so fast?? Despite me being in denial for pretty much the whole summer, and not doing any wardrobe planning for the school year, I finally had to accept reality. I was so glad I signed up for this tour because otherwise I might have sent her first day in store bought and would have been pretty mad at myself.

Let’s get on to the outfit..


I started with the Nivalis from Sofilantjes. I love this pattern as it has a ton of great options that work in all seasons.


We are in Texas and it’s still hot so I decided to do a short sleeve version of the dress but add a hood. We love hoods and it will be super functional with the cardigan over it when it cools down. I sewed up the dress in some yummy Stenzo Floral Line Knit from Mabel Madison. 


I’ve had The Wolf and The Tree Abby’s Trailblazing Socks pattern for a while but somehow just recently sewed my first pair. They were a quick addiction for me because now I want to make socks for everything! These are the knee high version. So stinking cute! I sewed these up in Stenzo Birds on the Hedge I got from from L’oiseau Fabrics. The cuffs are the same Stenzo Floral Line from Mabel Madison but in a different colorway than the dress.

7To top off the outfit I sewed up the Rondje Top from Eli Monster. This is the first Eli Monster Pattern I sewed up and it turned out adorable!! It’s a super quick sew. I sewed it up in some purple sweatshirt fleece from my stash.


I left the edges of the circle raw and used my coverstitch to add some topstitching about one inch from the edges. I used pink in the needles and Maxi Lock Swirls in the color Tie Dye Punch for my looper creating a fun effect at the collar area. I reverse coverstitched the sleeve hems with the Tie Dye Punch in the looper.




She’s gone to class a few days now. She’s pretty much put herself to bed every night. I feel like she’s aged a year mentally this week. She is absolutely in love with her teacher and her school and that she’s a “big kid” now. Proud mom over here =)

Let’s get into the tour fun!

Thank’s so much to our amazing sponsors who have helped make this celebration happen!

Tour Discounts!

Designs by Call Ajaire: Get  20% off in their Etsy shop with code BTS2016. Code valid from August 22nd through August 27th.

E+M Patterns: Save 50% with the code backtoschool on their website or in their Etsy shop. Code valid until August 27th at 11:59pm PST.

MODKID: Get 25% off  your entire purchase in their Etsy shop with code BTS2016. Code valid from August 22nd through August 27th.

Love Notions: Get 20% off all kids patterns with the code loveschool. Code valid from August 22nd through August 27th.

Sew Happily Ever After: Get the Nana’s totes pattern at 50% off with the code BACK2SCHOOL2016. Code good through August 31st.

Laela Jeyne Patterns: 30% off Any Single Pattern, No Code needed. From August 25-29th, 2016.

StitchART: 20% off with the code back2school in their Etsy shop. Valid from Aug 22nd – 28th, 2016.

Gracious Threads: Buy 3 patterns and save 15% off the purchase price! Use code SAVE15ON3. No expiry

The Eli Monster: Save 20% with the code yayforfall. Code valid until August 29th, 2016.

Filles à Maman: Get 25% off with the code BTS2016. Can be used on their website or in their Etsy shop. Code valid from August 24th through August 28th midnight EDT.

Whimsy Couture: Get 50% off, no code needed! End August 31st, 2016.

5 Out of 4 Patterns: Save 20% with code BTS2016. Valid from August 22nd-28th midnight EDT. Cannot be used on fabric.

Snuggle My Baby Patterns: Save 25% with code BTS2016. Valid until August 31st, 2016.

Friday Giveaway!

Prize: Friday’s prize is 1 PDF pattern from Gracious Threads and 1 PDF pattern from Designs by Call Ajaire *excludes bundles

Runs from August 26 12:00 am EDT until August 28th at 11:59pm EDT.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Check out the Friday Host Post and link up your Back to School sewing items for a chance to win the Grand Prize!

Friday Stops!

Check out the rest of today’s stops on the tour:

Cindy Parrett BlogSew StarlySew and Tell ProjectÉlégantine!Gracious Threads

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My Desert Island Sew Sew20 Tour

sew20desertislandsewWelcome to my hop on the Sew20 July Tour. This month Sew20 wants to hear about our Desert Island Sews.

“Just imagine you are trapped on a desert island with only one sewing pattern at your disposal. Miraculously, the island is overflowing with enough supplies to rival a big box fabric store but the printer on the island has enough ink for only one pattern. What would you make? Read on to see today’s bloggers keep following Sew 20 this week for the Desert Island Tour.”


My Desert Island Sew is the Greenstyle Laurel and its mini version, The Greenstyle Laurelette.

I love both of these sooooo much. We pretty much live in them through the fall and winter. It’s a quick sew with a lot of options. The bodice fits me well. It looks great on me now and it looked great on me 50 lbs ago.


The Laurel can be a dress or a tunic. It comes with these great pleats that are super flattering to the midsection. You can do pleated front and back, pleated front and no pleats in back. An easy hack is to use the pattern pieces for the pleated front and back but gather instead of using the pleats.

10306175_10152838933059584_7090581203798876113_nSooo cute with some leggings and boots. I hacked this version by adding some arm cuffs.

10562940_10152504046814584_5515969126630860363_nOn little girls its just adorable and allows for so much variety. Here is the cowl version in dress length.

dsc2169editThe girls version also has a Ho-Lo option. This isn’t available in the Women’s version yet but I am doing my best to talk Greenstyle into adding it =) I made this a couple of years ago. It still fits! It’s a tunic now but still adorable.

10659249_10152503998664584_2481765162897185887_nGirls version in Tunic Length.

2014.06.01 starlyAnd so I don’t burn up on my Desert Island its also a super easy hack to add some binding and make it sleeveless.

The Laurel comes with 3 bodice length options. I have a long torso so I usually use the longest one.

2014.05.24 Green2

Here I used a shorter bodice which makes it more babydoll on me for a whole different look. I used another easy hack on this one ti line the bodice portion for a clean sleeveless finish.


I pick the Laurel/Laurelette because its really a Swiss Army Knife type pattern. I feel like I could make enough variations to serve all of our top or dress needs if I were stranded on a desert island with tons of awesome knits. Also, since it’s such a quick sew I would have plenty of time left for lounging under a fabric shade, reading books and drinking cocktails.

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Sew Americana Blog Tour

1badgeWelcome to my stop on the Sew Americana Blog Tour hosted by Wild and Wanderful! Check out the bottom of this post for a 20% Off Coupon for Thread and Grain and a Linkup for you to link up your own Americana sewing projects.

2I’ve had this vintage Red, White, and Blue stripe in my stash for a while. I picked it up at a little thrift store locally. The piece was 3-4 yards and I used it for a 4th of July outfit for my daughter a couple of years ago. I love it so much I knew I wanted to use it again. It’s textured like a seersucker but its cotton. Way cool for a thrift store find!9I chose  the Heidi and Finn Cocoon Dress for this project. I love the shape of this dress and it’s a go-to for me because it’s a pretty quick sew. It takes me about an hour to sew up. It is designed for stable knits but I have had success making it in wovens without altering size. I have sewn a couple in a soft baby whale cord in the past.

and now for the impromptu song about America

4The leggings are the Bonny Leggings from Made for Mermaids. The Bonny Leggings are free if you join the Made for Mermaids Facebook Group. I have made a million pairs of these. This pair is capri length.5For the leggings I used some lovely Stenzo white stars on red from Mabel Madison.78

I picked up the sparkly headband from Wal-Mart and a flag from Amazon. The flag will come in handy for parades and such. She had a lot of fun marching and dancing around with the flag while making up her “America Song”.

6This big girl is graduating Pre-k on Friday. I was happy to hear they were doing a Red/White/Blue theme for graduation. I have just the perfect outfit =)

Take a look at the AMAZING lineup for the Sew Americana tour!

Monday, June 27 
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Tuesday, June 28
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Wednesday, June 29
Sewing by Ti | EYMM | HattieLu Handmade
Daydream Believers | PenSebRox | Handmade Boy

Thursday, June 30
Beatnik Kids | Phat Quarters | Sew Starly | Sew Sophie Lynn
The Kisses Co. | Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Friday, July 1
Very Blissful | That’s Sew Kari | Sew Happily Ever After | Pear Berry Lane

Mae and K
 | Musings of a Seamstress | Sew and Tell Project

As a special bonus for our readers, use the code ‘ SEWAMERICANA ‘ and enjoy a 20% discount at  You’ll find a ton of maker-inspired goodies!
(All created by your tour guide, Katy, from Wild & Wanderful.)


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Sew 20 Real Life Real Sewing Blog Tour


Welcome to my stop on the Sew 20 Real Life, Real Sewing Blog tour! Roxanne asked us to share some snapshots and answer some questions about #realloferealsewing and I was happy to participate! Let’s get on to the questions!

1. What do you look for when choosing a sewing project?
There are two types of projects I seek out. The first is everyday wear. These are usually basics with maybe an interesting shape or detail. Quick to sew (I like most of my projects to take less than two hours) and something I might want multiples of. I hate to print and tape a pattern and only use it once.
Blank Slate Rivage Raglan (I think I have 4 of these)
See Kate Sew Recess Raglan – I have made this countless times


Greenstyle Laurelette – I think I’ve made 5-6 of these
The other type of projects I like are challenges to build an outfit around a theme. I have participated in Craftingcon several times and Top Stitchers twice. These challenges let me exercise my creativity and work on longer projects with items I might not have sewn otherwise.
Craftingcon – Steampunk
2.  Is there anything you would like to (or wish you could) do differently when selecting projects?
Sometimes I wish I were more decisive. I will spend hours agonizing on some little detail. I spent a couple of days recently picking out a hi-lo tank pattern. I had something exact in mind. I had to find every hi-lo tank pattern that existed, look at all the views, compare and contrast. I’m sure I’d get a lot more actual sewing done if I’d just decide and move on sometimes. On the other hand I’m usually most happy with the things I’ve agonized over.
I recall a few days picking a hoodie pattern too. I went through every hoodie available before deciding for sure I wanted the Bimaa I already owned
3. What is your most used/worn sewing project? This either could be of all time or currently.
This would have to be a three way tie right now between Love Notions Laundry Day Tee, Blank Slate Rivage Raglan Dress, and Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs. I have been rocking these 3 patterns most of the summer so far.
FullSizeRender 4
4. Do you have a project that you thought would be used/worn frequently but just did not end up working out?
I have some woven skirts that I didn’t make a big enough hem in. I don’t reach for them as often as I would otherwise. Small hems always crinkle on me and I hate ironing clothes that are already made so when that happens I start passing over them.
5. What is your favorite tip or quote that applies to sewing for real life? 
mmmmmm Chocolate!
Kid asked for crab legs when she turned 5. When she turns 6 she wants a K.I.S.S birthday party with carrot cake
I think my favorite tip is to wear the clothes! Don’t save them for a special occasion. My daughter spent the first few years of her life looking like one of those trash the dress photoshoots 😛
My other tip is Chambray goes with everything. If you have a random woven print that doesn’t match anything, throw in some chambray with it.
IMG_0268 2
Walking in the sunshine in my Laundry Day Tee

Do you have any examples of Real Life, Real Sewing to show off? You can play along by using the #realliferealsewing on social media. You can also win one of two $25 gift cards. More details at Sew 20.
Be sure to visit the other participants on this tour!

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